About Ranvling 藍鈴 (ランリン )

About Ranvling 蓝铃 ランリン

SkyLibrarian Ranvling – Wildlife Blog and Novel

I am Ranv ling 藍鈴 (ランリン )and live in Malaysia. Before I landed my own blog, I was a former contributor for Sydney Vision Magazine publication and Australia inflight magazine by China Southern Airlines. Currently, I am working on establishing a book campaign which will be utilized in support of the WWF-Malaysia conservation project on Borneo elephants in Sabah and other wildlife.

As for Skylibrarian, the title name is derived from the sky. In the sky, there is no boundary for human endeavour, no race, no religion, no age, no gender. A sky represents a feeling of true freedom. I was inspired by this, then I created “SkyLibrarian” which means a librarian who works in the sky.

I love the way of narrating a story and transport a message through fantasy animation work. It is a positive way to unbox people’s thinking and increase awareness of society how to improve animal and human wellbeing. So I decided to write blogs and also an upcoming book with elephant as protagonist to tell a sequel story.

The cooperation between me and WWF is one of my wish in the near future that I can bring life to the characters in the novel and draw attention to readers to Love, either people or animals.

Elephant by skylibrarian Ranvling

I want to do something for elephants, always,
I hope I can do something for other animals and nature as well.

I like writing,
I like to see people smile,
I like to see something being done by goodwill.

I wish my writings and artworks imparting Love and meaning of life

Artworks by Ranvling蓝铃,ランリン

Bluebell at night,
Windbell in dream,
Round pure heart with speechless feeling.
She could hear the leaves shake with mirth,
She could see the flowers sigh.

Homeless spirits find a home near her,
In purest light above them all,
Sweet smiles assemble.


Poetry by Ranvling 蓝铃 ランリン

No time frame, no oblivion.

Only Love.

Everything has to deal with Love.
We know what, how and why.
The measurement of the ruler is inside our heart.

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