Lament song by elephant

Lament Song by Elephant Poetry blog By 蓝铃 ランリン

I pray that you will hear me when I sing this,
that my heart trembles,
I wish I fear not the agony but I couldn’t.
How must our eyes bleed and our hearts weep?

It grieves me not from the moment you told my heart to fear;
It grieves me not from the moment you told me my life is not life;
It grieves me from the moment you pronounced love is die,

You say,
Love ,should be forgotten by all the world.

And what is the cause?

Is it the paper thing you are holding now?
Is it the peacockery stone which chains your neck?

You assert your rights,
You think you are a mighty creature.

You know not you must not go very far.
When the day comes,
In the dark grave unhonored,
No hymn,
Heaven will not save your spirit,
You will die again.

I pity you,
Woe is you not us.

We know what we feel,
no time frame,
no oblivion,

Only Love
All that lives must love or die

What’s in heaven?
that where we call heaven,
By any other hell would smell as sweet if we have love.

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